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Success Stories

These are stories of successful matches of animals adopted from Noah's Ark with wonderful homes. If you have adopted a pet from Noah's Ark and have a success story to share, please e-mail us. My Success Story. If you have any pictures, send those along too!

Cindy and Hank the Hunk

This is Hank the Hunk. He is our fourth Noah's Ark story. My previous cat had died and I looked to replace her. I saw Hank at Pet Sense and he literally reached out to me. I was looking for another female but I fell in love instantly.

Indica and Hope

Three years ago my boyfriend and I went to Noah's Ark looking for a new member of our family. It was just him and I so we were beyond ready to welcome a new fur baby into our life. We knew the moment we laid eyes on Indica she was our baby. It was an instant connection. She is our absolute best friend. She has made our life better since we got her. She has been on many adventures; Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico. Wherever we go she goes. She is full of personality and sass. She is the best dog and she definitely is more than a dog to us. She is our literal child! Noah's Ark is the best animal shelter. I always talk so highly about the shelter because they truly are the best! Indica is now 3 years old. Here are a few pictures and even a picture of the day we fell in love and made her apart of our family!

Booboo and Niyah

Me and my best friend finally were together on October 5th 2020. I brought him home and he found his place right by me and I love him for the silly goof ball he is along with the tough loving pup. He might be rough around edges but still has a kind and fun heart. I knew we would forever love each other from the moment I saw and adopted him.

Liz and Agatha

I recently adopted a cat that was transferred from your facility to Colorado Feline Foster Rescue! Her name was Celine (now Agatha), it looks like she had an intake of 3/2/22 with your team and was transferred to CFFR on the 16th. And well, she is a love bug! Absolute sweetheart of a 2 year old kitty who loves everyone and loves food. She was only with her foster for a week before I adopted her. She is such a sweetie and just flops over for tummy rubs all the time. She is now living her best life with a human who loves to give her tummy rubs.

Rachel and Porter

We got our Alaskan Husker mix two years ago. I have never had such a chill dog. He is huge but we have never loved or been loved like we have by Porter. He stole our hearts from the moment we found him.

Brett and Sally

In September I adopted a beautiful cat I named Sally. She is a wonderful kitty and has also became a wonderful trucking cat. I am an over the road driver and she loves being on the road. I have even trained her with a harness and leash.

Elizabeth and Boji

Damien, now Boji, was brought to Colorado by 4paws4life and is already a beloved family member! We found him online after we lost our previous husky, who we adored, to cancer. We wanted something good to come out if our loss. Boji is the sweetest boy and has settled right into his new home!!! He loves our big yard, gets along well with our other dog, and is awesome with our kids. He had been left at your shelter and you gave him vet care and neutered him. Thank you so much for the good care you gave him and helping him find his forever home!

Mike and Bruce

Thank You for the best dog you could ask for. Bruce has became a great member of our family and his best buddy is a 6lb chi Wawa That thinks he hung the moon for him. We are now back in Oklahoma and he is loving the grass and trees. He has turned out to be a big and beautiful dog who loves everyone.

Nick, Sally and Darla

We adopted Darla from Teller County Animal Shelter in Divide Colorado on Dec 30th, 2020, when she was 4 months old. The only information they could provide was an approximate birth date and that she had recently been transferred to them from a rescue in New Mexico. We've had her for almost 4 months now. Hubby had stopped in to request a small lap dog for me as a comfort animal. I have MS, and I'm wheelchair bound. It's a long story, but I don't get out much. So,we arranged an appointment to meet her and fell in love the moment her foster mom brought her in. Then, as we were filling out the adoption forms, two calls came inquiring about her! When we brought her home, she was a little under weight but she's gained 2 lbs since then. She's with a family that loves her now. She sleeps in our bed, plays with our cat, and has a ton of puppy toys and chewies. When she isn't playing, she's asleep in my lap or watching the traffic outside our front window. She's brought a lot of joy to our lives. Thanks so much for rescuing her.

Paige and Charles

This is our yellow lab Charles who we believe was at your shelter last year. We adopted him from a rescue agency in Denver but his paperwork indicated he came from Noahs Ark. We adopted him in November 2020 and think he came to Colorado from New Mexico a few months before. His buddy in the pictures is Fenway our other dog. They are best friends! We cannot imagine life without Charles. He is sweet, but we can tell he likely had a rough life before coming to Colorado. He is happy and well loved now and is quite a running partner! Thanks for what you do and your role in bringing Charles to us.

Brody and Natalie

Brody came into our lives in October of 2020 through the help of Noahs Ark Animal Shelter and then Foothills Animal Shelter. He no longer has to worry about anything! Since we have adopted Brody he has been spoiled with lots of toys, comfy beds, and endless love and playtime. Brody gets to go with my partner to work at a doggy daycare and he has lots of new furry friends to play with. We love taking walks around lakes and local parks at any chance we get. Brody is learning lots and is turning into a very respectable gentleman as he grows up with us. He has never found a toy, met a person, or a played with a dog that he did not love on sight. We have included a handful of pictures, he is our favorite photography subject!

Frank and Skyy

I got Skyy April 11, 2019. She has been the best dog you could ever ask for. She's happy no matter what. She loves swimming, car rides, being outside, tennis balls, playing with other dogs, and being with you no matter what. I did some research and found out she's Black Mouth Cur I believe. Really good dog all the way around. She's a bed hog. In one of the pictures she has my speaker in her mouth running around. That's actually grass she got on her own while looking for something in the water.

Wendy and Maizy

This is Maizy, a precious girl, we adopted in December. She has kept us entertained with her antics during this stressful time of Covid-19. She has lots of toys and loves to fetch a ball, play tug with a knotted rope and snuggle with her stuffed animals. Her bff is Jack, who lives across the street from us. He comes over every night and they run and play in our yard. He is a 10 year old Jack Russell terrier with the patience to put up with her non-stop playfulness. We don't know how Maizy ended up Noah's Ark but we are so happy and grateful she came home with us. Thank you for all that you do!

Kristina and Delta

We adopted Delta July of 2017. She is sassy and sweet and an absolute joy of to be around. We are so glad we get to be her forever family. She loves to play with her toys, run and gallop around the backyard, chase lizards, snuggle as close as possible, and endless other entertaining activities. The best part is she just loves to be around her people. Thank you so much for introducing us to our best friend, our family is so grateful.

Natalie and Two

Hello! I am writing to say THANK YOU for saving my family's new best friend, the small brindle mix formerly known as Swirl, now named Two (or Twoie, pronounced Two-ee). We adopted Two through Animal Rescue of the Rockies, in Colorado, where my sister lives and volunteers as a dog foster. I and my husband and two small boys were looking to adopt a dog, and my sister suggested Two, who she was fostering at the time. Fast forward a few weeks and a couple plane rides, and Two is now at home with us outside Boston, Massachusetts. He is adorable, sweet, hilarious, playful, snuggly, crazy, smart, a little bit naughty, loving, silly, and amazing. We just love, love, love this dog, and he is as happy as can be. He spends his days running after the kids (in good fun), playing with toys, going on walks, snuggling under blankets, and playing with other friendly dogs that live nearby. He's living the life! Please know that this amazing pup you saved is looking ahead to many beautiful years with a family that adores him, will spoil him, and who could not be happier about their new family member! Anyway, I just found the name of your rescue on his adoption paperwork, and I wanted to reach out so that you know what happened to him, and how much we love him!!! Attached are some pictures that don't even start to do this guy justice! (He really shines on video. He's a dog of action!) Very best wishes, and thanks for all that you do.

Pat and Disco

We adopted Disco on 2/15/16, he has since moved with us to Pa. He is the best Valentine's gift my wife and I have ever gotten. He has been enjoying his life with his new family and forever home.

Sarah and Clover

Hi! I'm Clover (adopted as Claw-dia) and my mom and sister Cricket rescued me on the 4th of July from your shelter ( i was at the pet store linked to your shelter actually) I got my ride to freedom and family on the best day ever! I am now 6 months old.. I drive my mom and my sister bananas with all my energy. And I am bonded with my big sister Cricket. I live up in Roswell with her and our Mom. Mom spoils us, gives us lots of love, soft and warm places to sleep, and plenty of treats, toys and attention on demand.I love, love, LOVE playing in the water in both mom's shower and her bathroom sink. My favorite human food is turkey dogs. I enjoy snuggling with my mom or my sister and I am loving my life!! My mom (Sarah) will attach some pictures of me and some of me with my sister Cricket so you can see just how much i love my new home!!

Kenny and Bandit

This is Bandit. He is the dog I've been waiting for! He has really adjusted well and loves to play tug-of-war and definitely already has our hearts!

Luna and Healyna

The moment I saw Luna (whose name at the time was Blare)on the Noah's ark website I fell in love, and the moment I met her in the shelter confirmed it all the more. I adopted her in October 2018 and every day with her since then has been amazing. She absolutely loves my 2 cats and loves anyone new she meets! She is a really smart pup and learns very quickly in fact, she is training to be a service dog! (Force-free training only) Her favorite places to go is the dog park and the pet store to pick out new toys and treats. I wish I could type more but I'm not too good with words but I will say thank you for allowing me to have my best friend and partner in crime!

Courtney and Lokie

When I met Lokie at Noah’s Ark it was love at first sight. He’s such a sweet boy and my absolute best friend. He warmed up to us almost immediately. He LOVES going bye bye in the car and going on road trips. He’s the perfect companion. He has made many friends on his adventures to Colorado and Texas and has the most outgoing personality. He never fails to make us smile or laugh. He’s AMAZING with babies and other dogs. This sweet boy has a heart of gold. Thank you Noah’s Ark for helping me find my best friend.

Holly Faye and Jolie

She's getting pretty comfortable in her new home. Still house training. Sweet girl. We are thinking she may be a red heeler/ jack russell mix.

Maddoux and Sheila, Rob and Robbie

Our son adopted our mixed breed Border Collie Mixture, with Lab and Pit Bull about six years ago right before he moved into his new house. We named him Maddoux, after Greg Maddux, the Atlanta Braves. Prior to adopting Maddoux, our son, asked me (his mother) to go and meet this precious baby, when he was still at Noah’s Ark. I will never, ever forget the first time I saw him. He looked so scared and skinny. He was the only dog in the shelter that was not barking. This vision of this was heart breaking and just sad. It looked as if he was afraid of being rejected. I will never forget the look in his eyes. We knew at that very moment that he was coming home with us. It was also very obvious that my son made this amazing connection with Maddoux. Today, Maddoux is a well-feed, and well-loved and very spoiled family member. Our family at this point in time only consist of me (Sheila Martinez), my husband Rob, and our son Robbie and of course Maddoux. Maddoux has changed our lives with his unconditional love and attention he has for each of us. Recently Maddoux, experienced his first doggie Pet Smart Hotel in Lubbock and he loved the experience and I heard nothing but amazing reports on his behavior and how easy approachable he was. He enjoyed his own suite with two walks and plenty of snacks! Maddoux has a special gift of making friends everywhere we go – he is loved instantly by ladies at Internationalities Federal Credit Union, the groomers at PetSense, even his friends at the La Cueva Pet Care Center. No matter, wherever he goes, he always seems to make friends or finds an admirer of his attire. He constantly receives compliments of his name brand bandanas. One of his favorite things to do is riding in my husband’s truck and just enjoying the view. Recently Maddoux had his picture taken by a cop who shared his photo of Maddoux, and it went viral on Facebook. The officer stated that Maddoux was a cute dog and looked like an awesome dog. Well, this went viral my niece saw the picture and all the comments of Maddoux and sent us a copy of the photo with the comments. In the beginning of the year, I had horrible experience with an someone trying to steal my work car. I was getting ready for work and all of sudden I hear Maddoux barking. I looked out the window and saw a man standing next to passenger side of the car wearing a black hoodie, and he was just standing there when he saw me he left. Within minutes the State Police arrived, he stated that most crimes will not take place if there is a dog on the property. Thank you Noah’s Ark for rescuing Maddoux for us – he was meant to be my baby on four-legs.

Rosie and Moreen

Rosie, Our pride and Joy... When we first saw her it was Noahs ark website and we knew she was the one we wanted to adopt, We went the next day to see her in person , she looked so Sad and scared. We wish we could of took her that day but we had to wait for 3 days for someone to claim her. We saw her every single day for those 3 days, we fell in Love. She had Mange and looked underweight, Now she has no problem with weight ... It's been a year since we adopted her and We Love her so much!

Max and Lauren

I adopted Max in June 2015 when I came to Carlsbad from the east coast to work as a prosecutor. I was in a strange (yet intriguing) land that was different in every way from where I grew up, and I pretty much knew no one. Admittedly, I was lonely. I'm a huge dog lover and went to visit Noah's Ark one day on my lunch break. I walked by his cage and he had kind eyes and a wagging tail. I knew I had to visit with him. During our visit, he kept trying to shake my hand. I was sold! I took him home the next week. Instantly, he became my best friend and faithful companion. After staying in New Mexico for about another year, I packed up my car with the few belongings I owned. I put Max, some pillows, and a blanket in the back seat and set off on my journey back home to Maryland. Max and I had a great time on our cross-country road trip. I look back on my time in New Mexico fondly, because of the blue sky, the bright sun, the mountains, the people, and most importantly, because of Max. He is pretty much the best souvenir ever. Sometimes I think the whole purpose of me going out West was to find him, and that's alright with me. This sweet desert boy now resides in Frederick, Maryland in a nice downtown row house (...but he will always be a New Mexican at heart.) He goes for swims, walks, and hikes constantly. He loves all the new wildlife he has discovered since moving east, particularly squirrels. He's a friend to everyone he meets and I can't imagine my life without him.

Kona and Shana

This is a picture of our “Kona Girl” as we call her. We adopted her in November of 2016. She is a blue pit and we absolutely love her! We have three small kids (7, 4, 18 months) whom Kona is GREAT with. They love her too! She is very active as my husband takes her running at least 5 days a week. The days that she does not get to go on her run she is like a child not getting what they want and she gets into mischief :}. She listens well and we work with her every day on sitting at the door until we tell her she is allowed to come outside after us and she listens very well. Thank you for our Kona Girl!

Buddy, Goldie and Joyce

We adopted Buddy, the white cat, one year ago in October 2015. Goldie was adopted 2-1/2 weeks ago. Buddy was a companion cat to our beloved Spike, who passed away in September. After Spike's passing, Buddy was rather depressed. Since we had such a good experience at Noah's Ark the previous year, we decided to get a companion for Buddy. As you can see from the picture, both cats are getting along very well. We are very pleased with the outcome and would recommend Noah's Ark to anyone looking for a new pet.

Pary and Tsuki

I got Tsuki (pronounced Sookie) On February 20th. The ladies were so welcoming that they allowed me to come in early, as I drove in from San Antonio. Tsuki’s name at the kennel was Luna, which I switched since my parents and I already have a Husky named Luna. Tsuki knew her new name before we even got back over the Texas state line. These two girls have been inseparable, which is good because Luna spends her time at my house. Tsuki came to me with a coat full of ticks, but that was easily fixable. She spent the first week a little skittish and unsure of herself, but this 9 month old girl has really come in to her puppy-ness and we love her so much! Tusk’s already put on most of the weight she was needing, too. She has already learned to sit, lay down, stay, Five, and roll over. She seemed to be well potty trained before she came to me. It couldn’t have worked out better—Luna and Tsuki are constantly wearing each other out (plus my parents’ senior Pomeranian loves that the big dog has a playmate now)! Tsuki is the bigger gray girl, Luna (3 years old) is the smaller black one. In all, I was so accommodated by the staff at Noah’s Ark and Tsuki couldn’t be any happier! We are quite the little husky family.

Anna and Hersheys

I adopted Hersheys about a year ago in March. He is one of my kids and I could not see myself without him. He has a big heart and is very playful (even with his cousin a chihuahua named paco). I just adopted Baklava and they are slowly warming up to each other. Hersheys welcomed Baklava into the home but Baklava is still taking his time to warm up to Hersheys. I love my fur babies.

Heidi and Stella

It has been over 3 years since we adopted our Stella, sight unseen, from your shelter. We lived in Durango, Co. and I found her - then Susie - on the Petfinder website. I was looking for a female black lab and I can’t say why, but she called to me. After some initial rangling via a lab rescue that served as the middle-man in the operation, we got her to us via a driver, to Albuquerque. My husband picked her up from there and I have to say, it’s been the best decision we made. Our Stella is ½ lab, ½ English mastiff and is the best dog we could ask for. When we adopted her, the woman I had initial contact with via the lab rescue said Stella was on the Euthanize list and because she was so big, she had been hard to place. We cannot believe she was on that list. For one thing, she is stunning to look at. Truly a beautiful dog, but beyond her good looks, she is the sweetest dog. Children she doesn’t know can get in her face and she is just happy someone is paying attention to her. Gentle-giant are the words to best describe our 110 lb. girl. She’s honestly the best dog we have ever met. We have moved from our home in Durango and now reside in Park City, Utah, where Stella continues to awe the masses with her beauty. Please tell anyone who has reservations about owning a big dog, that it doesn't make a difference. Does she eat a lot? Yes, but it’s a small price to pay to have the best companion in the world. We have 2 young boys who love her as much as we do. BEST. DOG. IN. THE. WORLD. Thanks for taking care of our girl while she was with you. She makes us ridiculously happy!


We love her so much! We adopted her a little over a year ago!

Kim, Honey, and Dolly

I have 2 shelter pets. I adopted my cat 6 years ago as a tiny kitten. She started out being "Dolly" until her personality bloomed. We kept asking where's the Monkey at...with the "M" on her forehead!! Recently my 12 year old shepherd died and I was lost with out a dog. I decided to start looking for a mature shepherd. Fate took over when I saw "Honey". She is so gentle & kind hearted. She appreciates affection and seems like we fit immediately. I share pictures on FB of your intake dogs. Hope someone will adopt too. So thank you for your work & kindness.

Eugenia and Max Von Snoydon

One month ago I adopted a CHORKIE, Max. Who the shelter had named Chasing Priestly. But I renamed him Max Von Snoydon. He is 2 years old. I brought him home & he fit right in with my 10 year old yorkie, GinGin. He loves it here & is happy. Max hit the mother load in toys!!! My living room often looks like I have a toddler living here. Max was put up for adoption on Sept. 8th. I got him on Sept. 11. He is very sociable & very loving. Loves to cuddle. Loves his walks & is good at going outside. I'm so lucky to have this little guy. He's learning to do tricks for treats.

Tammy and Chika

Back in April-May 2015, I adopted a beautiful chihuahua from you guys and I couldn't be more happier. Originally, we had went to take a look at a dog named Fredrick, he was a schnauzer. I took my dog Raider Chuy to meet Freddy, because he needed a friend but turns out that Raider and Frederick just didn't click. My daughter wanted to look at another dog so we again walked around and this little sad black chihuahua was sitting in her kennel. When Lexi, my daughter, walked around the corner, she automatically knew she wanted this dog. We got to take her into a room and play with her and no question, this dog was the one. I told Lexi that we needed to talk about it and discuss adopting another dog. Believe it or not, Lexi bugged me for weeks about getting the black chihuahua. Well I told my friend about going with me back to Carlsbad to just see if this cute pup was still available, my daughter didn't know anything, seeing as her birthday was around the corner this would be the perfect surprise. To my own surprise, this little girl was still available for adoption. How could anyone pass her up? But I knew it was for a reason. She was waiting for me to come save her. Not only did I take her home (after she had got fixed of course). My friend had adopted herself a little pup as well. We named the chihuahua, Chika. She is so loving, so smart and my male and her are best friends. She was the prefect fit for our family. I want to say thank you! I'm including some pictures so you can see Chika now.

Vanessa and Bella

I own a German Shepherd and a Chihuahua and I wasn't looking to own another pet but saw this post on Facebook about 25 dogs being flown to Utah and Colorado to rescues from the Roswell kill shelter. I was at my mom's house reading the story to her. We then started talking about there sometimes being German Shepherds in our local shelter. I went on the Noah's Ark site and saw a beautiful female German Shepherd. It was an instant decision that I wanted her. I got up and went to go meet this pretty girl. When she was brought in to me to spend time with she was very underweight and hyper (I would be too if I was cooped up all day and night) I went to my truck and got the bag of treats I keep in there for our daily dog park visits and a squeaky toy. When I came back in she instantly knew I had treats. I told her to sit and she did with no hesitation. I gave a treat. Then I squeaked the toy and she wanted it. She would catch it and drop it at my feet. She was amazing but not up for adoption yet until the next morning. They put my name on her to hold for me. I was back up there at opening. I paid the adoption fee but wasn't able to bring her home since she was at the vets getting fixed. I impatiently waited and was at the vets right as soon as it was time. She was groggy coming out of the vets room but greeted me happily. When we were leaving I put the tailgate down on my truck and asked her if she liked to ride. She eagerly jumped in the back of the truck (no I didn't just have surgery) Even though she seemed to know her place back there I still tied her so she wouldn't jump out. We went to her new home. When we got home she was introduced to my other two dogs. She found my cat and seemed to know to steer clear of his swat. She also met our eccentric goat who thinks he is a dog. She did well with all the animals and knew her commands sit lay down and stay. I knew she was the perfect addition to our home. We are still working with her weight but she is gaining and her eyes are now bright and she is very happy. I brush her once a day, feed her twice a day and spend all my time with her. My Boyfriend is working out of town and home for only a couple of days at a time so she sleeps with me and makes me feel safe. I think somehow she knows I saved her and tries her hardest to please me. Thank you Noah's Ark for uniting me with the beautiful Bella.

Candi, Bill, Thor and Rose

My husband and I were proud owners of two bassets named Dora and Thor. When Thor was brought home as a puppy, Dora took him under her wing, or perhaps we should say paw, to show him all the basset tricks. When she passed away a month ago at the young age of 3, Thor was devastated. He kept looking for her and would lie in Dora’s chair looking very sad. We knew we needed to find him a new companion. I looked online at all the pictures of the shelter animals- Roswell, Artesia, Albuquerque, Tucumcari, Ruidoso and Carlsbad. There on the Noah’s Ark page I saw a picture of Rose. She was an adorable corgi mix and something clicked. My husband works in Carlsbad so he went to visit. Rose was very nervous and shy. She would not even approach him. She, too, had suffered the loss of a friend when her lifelong companion, Roscoe, was adopted before she was. All this was on top of being relinquished by her original owners. I told my husband to try again- the second time she came over to and nuzzled up to him. He brought her home to Roswell in the SUV. He said she turned around and looked back for several miles, like she was afraid he would change his mind and take her back. Rose is now in her forever home and with her new friend, Thor. Thor loves her like we do. They play all day together, inside and out. No more laying around for Thor. Rose is very smart, learning the doggy door immediately and to sit on command by the weekend. She is a loving beautiful little dog. We are so lucky to have found her. She loves to cuddle and will obey to the best of her understanding- very different than the stubborn but adorable basset. She is a joy and has made all of us very happy. We love Rose!

Saleana and Ruefus

We got Ruefus in July. He was on his last week there so I felt bad and took him. He is a very energetic doggy who loves to run and play soccer with my niece his best friend. He loves playing all day with his sister squirt who was rescued kitty. I found her and her brother when they were 3 weeks old on a sidewalk before we got him. He still likes to play with his empty food bowels even when he has other toys. He likes to dump them out of food all over the carpet. We’re still working on potty training. He loves to play in water outside and gets muddy when it rains but you give him a bath it’s a different story. He loves a good walk and he loves to slide on the slide at the park .He loves running and barking in our yard.

Bryan and Tucker

We got Tucker from Noah's Ark in December 2013. He was named Loki then but we didn't think it fit him that well. The first few weeks were kind of rough because he was extremely timid and had a lot of trouble with submissive urination, but he quickly became a happy, confident dog. He didn't know how to play with toys or other dogs but after almost a year he's finally getting the hang of it. Tucker was terrified of people at first but now we can take him walking down town in Ruidoso and he wants to be everyone's friend. He's a quick learner and loves to do tricks for attention and treats, especially shake and high-five. He's really the perfect dog for us and we feel very grateful to you for helping us find him. Thank you!

Sadie, Ernie, and Charlene

Sadie (we renamed her from the shelter’s name Chantel) was one of the last of the dogs out at the Noah’s Ark on Ferguson Road, before that facility was closed in 2001. We got her in October of 2001. She has had a wonderful life and was much joy in ours, but unfortunately it does eventually come to an end. She developed Osteosarcoma in here rear left leg and was diagnosed too late to curtail or reverse. We kept her comfortable for the last 3 months and had to say goodbye today, but what a dog she was. We will always be indebted to her for the joy and excitement (she had separation anxiety) she brought to our lives. She is now playing with the others we have lost in the past, and we will miss her terribly.

Zeus and Lynx Kitties

For my birthday, my husband Mike finally agreed to us getting kittens. I have always had pets around and had cats in the house. I've missed having cats since we got our first house together. When we went to Noah's Ark, we saw two kittens that seemed like they were probably brothers. We have has them for two years now and I can't imagine life without them. Zeus is on the recliner and Lynx is looking up at the camera.

Robbie and Scooter

I adopted Scooter, a Jack Russell, in 2010. My husband was on his 5th deployment and the house was lonely. Scooter was perfect. He watched out for me, played with me and kept my feet warm while I worked on at my desk. He is playful, smart and very loving. We have since added a Boxer Puppy and he isn’t quite sure about that, but is being a real trooper!

Casey and Miep

I was living alone, an older woman, a little scared and definitely lonely. I knew about Noah's Ark and Cat's Meow and all of the wonderful volunteers who help keep this thing together, so I decided to take the chance of becoming responsible for another person's life. He is such a jewel. He was so scared about thunder, early on. We have had to work out some of his phobia issues, and he still has a bit of that going on. But it's all gotten a lot better, now. He was about a year old when I adopted him. That's what the vet said, and it made sense. He was a skinny puppy then, only just gotten to his full height of about 22 inches at the withers. He weighed 37 pounds then. He weighs a little over fifty now. This has worked out wonderfully for both of us. I am going to be adopting another dog from Noah's Ark soon, to keep my wonderful boy company. He is so well socialized about humans and other dogs. To think that he could have wound up dead, or spending the rest of his life in a cage at a border collie rescue service, is so distressing. My boy was damaged goods. He broke through one of my windows when he got scared during a thunderstorm. He ran around bleeding, when I heard the sound of breaking glass. We both went into shock. Fortunately, he did not have cuts on any major blood vessels. Somebody did not take care of my dog. Somebody let my dog be terrorized. I have more or less healed him.. You can do that too, peoples. You can adopt dogs from Noah's Ark, not knowing exactly what you'll be getting into, and you can work and learn how to save a dog. I will be doing that with another dog from Noah's Ark, this week, soon as I get a ride out there. We need another dog.

Hera Anne and Saleana

Hera Anne is a blue healer mix I adoped at 8 weeks old. She is now 12 weeks old and a great addition to our family. Her and my sister's 7 month old pit are best buddies. She even refused to sleep in my room so she can be with her best buddy. She is getting big and has a sassy attitude. She loves to play in the sprinkler with my niece and going to the park to play.

Shadow and Her New Mommy

My daughter selected Shadow from a litter at the Noah’s Ark Shelter in Carlsbad, NM. These are pictures of her new home and new mommy! Shadow was so little when we got her she didn’t like to “eat” so we fed her with a bottle too. My daughter said “It will help her because she probably misses her mommas milk. Huh? Mom.” Shadow is a great pet for my daughter. My daughter told me how lucky she was because she gets to have a friend (Shadow) sleepover EVERY night … So cute!

Kodiak and Jan

I adopted Kodiak from Noah’s Ark about one year ago! He has been an awesome addition to our family! Everyone that sees him loves him! Kodiak has a great personally, but we did find out he is an escape artist! ( My nickname for him is Houdini!) Thank you Noah’s Ark for allowing me to adopt this awesome dog!

Gretchen and Cristie

Three years ago an email posting was circulating about the plight of five dachshunds in the Carlsbad New Mexico shelter. the dachshund rescue in that state was full. The original posting sent by Sandi to Christine of Diamond Dachsund rescue was forwarded to me. Already slated for euthanasia, we all scrambled to find placement through various rescues in West Texas. One old grouchy girl known as "Dox 1" in the pics sent out was abandoned by her owner that didnt have a rescue selected was sent along transport anyways we would work it out somehow. Lisa from Andrews made the drive up to Hobbs NM to meet and deliver these dachshunds back to Texas where they made their way to rescues in Abilene and San Angelo I took in the sad old lonely girl and named her "Gretchen" she was a part of my home for almost three years and became bonded with another old male named Willie. No one else wanted her and she needed me. Gretchen suffered a degenerative shrinking disc condition which made it hard to get around and also "unadoptable" I could tell she had a hard life, no socialisation, attention or old fashion love. Gretchen really deserved to be loved and doted on so i provided al l that and then some every day in her twighlight years so she would leave this world knowing what it was like to be loved. Gretchen passed away sometime Thursday afternoon in my absense. I came home to find her lifeless body. I wrapped her up her pink quilt to tuck her in for one last time. Then we buried her next to the other old ones that passed before. She left this world not abandoned and forgoten in a kill shelter but loved and remebered. Thank you all so much for being a part of it and especially to the shelter in Carlsbad for giving these dogs and Gretchen "just another day" in hopes someone would rescue. I will never forget her precious little frosted face with soulfull eyes full of love and gratitude that looked up at me every day for three years of life that were the best years of living for Gretchen, WIllie and I.

Buddy Hollie and JoDee

Last year in July I came to look at a few puppies after my puppy passed away. I wanted a little Terrier mix. While looking at 2 puppies I petted a white poodle/terrier mix dog. I started with no interest in this little dog. That was until I started to walk away and he put one paw and his nose out from under the cage door and cried. I had the lady take him out so I could visit him. When we got in the room I sat down in the floor with him and he came to me sat down in my lap and laid back against me and licked my cheek. I decided right then and there he was going home with me, and he did. His name is now Buddy Hollie. I've now had him for almost a year and he is great. He was house trained and everything. He loves the river and riding in the truck with momma. He loves playing fetch but prefer for you to chase him after he gets the bad. I'm so glad i got him and hes now a great memeber of my family. Thanks!!

Sadie and Rebecca

We Adopted our Yellow Lab Sadie from Noah's arc a little over a year ago....the people at the shelter told us that she had been adopted once before but the people had returned her because she chewed up everything. She was about 8mo's old when we adopted her, and addmitingly we did have to buy pc cords, and cell phone cords twice shortly after adopting her, but we stuck with it, and bought her chew toys and raw hide bones to chew on, and I can happily say we havn't had to buy a cord in a very long time! We do put her outside while we are gone to which she responds by digging holes in our yard. Sadie has the most beautiful soul I've ever known, and she has all the love one dog could ever want in our house...Sadie loves to go for car rides, loves sleeping on our sofa, loves playing ball, loves playing with our daughter and our other dog which is a pomerain mix...every night i tell her okay sadie lets go to bed, and she beats me to the bedroom, jumps on the bed and closes her eyes...i have to tell her that is not her bed, and that her bed is on the floor (we have a dog bed for her) which she responds by looking at me and closing her eyes again..There is no better way to end the day than one that is full of love from not only your family but your animail family....

Kishi and Kevin

I adopted my new dog a few weeks ago, a chocolate lab. At first she was very scared but knew she was home and when I brought her near a leash or car she turned to dead weight. She would potty in the house and I would act upset and tell her "bad girl potty inside" but after vigorous training and always taking her out and telling her to "go potty outside good girl" finally goes outside only! I bought her a harness and now she lovvves going for walks on her leash. She jumps straight into the car now and she knows she is verry loved and at home. When she is gone, I will only ever own labs as they are very smart and loving dogs. I love my chocolate lab, Kishi!

Magnus and Iesha

You may remember me as Noel but they call me Magnus at my new home, well mom calls me “sweet girl” too. Mom says names are important and I was named after a very smart woman and I’m a really smart girl she says. I was adopted back in July. My mom says that she lost a good friend of hers’ not long after she came looking for me. She says that she doesn’t know what she would do without me now. I have a great home and lots of new friends. I have a HUGE yard to run in and two other dogs to play with. There is even the cat that is pretty cool, but she doesn’t play nice all the time. I even have a really big, soft bed that is just for me. I usually like the nice chair that mom doesn’t sit in though. The one thing I don’t like is the baths, but those aren’t so bad I guess. Oh, and trimming my nails. I forgot about that. Well, that's all. I just wanted to say thank you for finding me and keeping safe till mom found me. I would give all of you licks of gratitude if I could. God Bless You, Magnus

Brooke and J.J.

We just adoped J.J., a pomchi mix. We've since renamed him Swiper (as in Swiper the Fox from Dora the Explorer). We absolutely adore our new member of the family. His is so good with the kids, our cats, and is best buddies with our two big Dobermans. We've already started obedience training with him and he's shown a lot of potential. We are so pleased to have the privilege of adopting him and we thank you again! The Pelton Family.

Judith and Sam

I adopted Sam in January. I went to the shelter wanting a small, reserved dog. While there I was introduced to Sam. He came bounding out of the cage area and jumped his 37lbs up to sit beside me on the bench. After saying hello he went to the door and asked to "go potty". I wanted and older dog and he was 8 years old but seemed much too big for me to handle. I went home and thought about Sam. There was something about him that said give me a chance to prove I will make you a good friend. I took Sam home and am glad I did. He had been at the shelter about a month and was anxious to escape and also eagger to please. He has been the perfect house guest. No accidents and he is the love of my life. He loves to cuddle and follows me everywhere. He barks only when he should- the perfect watch dog.

Alexandra and Sooner

My Name is Alexandra and I adopted Sooner. Sooner the Great Pyrenees was looking for a home to call his own for quite some time, but eventually found what he was looking for, even though it took a few tries. The day I first saw him I instantly feel in love with him but thought he was going to be too big for my family to handle. Eventually he came back and I knew that it was meant to be. Turns out size doesnt matter. He may be big but his heart is even bigger, everyone in my family fell in love with him. Now he is spoiled rotten with love, attention, walks and chew toys, He also loves to explore and jump over things. I'm very happy I found him I couldnt have asked for a better companion.

Mia and Buddy

In October 2009 we adopted a Great Pyrenees who we named Buddy. When we got him he was underweight, extremely matted and filthy and so sad! My heart went out to him and because of his size I knew he would have a hard time being adopted. I called my husband to come look at him and of course we took him home that day. We spent over 5 hours grooming him the first two days and giving him a bath was not easy because of his size and we did it in the bathtub because it was cool outside. Buddy stood there and let us do whatever we needed to do. After a trip to the vet, lots of TLC and lots and lots of food he's looking like a Great Pyrenees should look! Buddy loves to play with our other dogs, a chocolate lab, a german shepherd and a small terrier mix named Mia (formerly Lacy who we also adopted from Noah's Ark) Buddy even plays with our cats! He loves getting dog biscuits and bones, he's so gentle when he takes food from you he almost drops it. He's such a sweet dog, a true gentle giant. We just adore him and he's definitely a mama's baby! We're happy to say he's gained 25 lbs and looks wonderful as you can see in the photos. What a difference! Mia is spoiled rotten and sleeps with us, we just love her! Thank you Noah's Ark! Don & Tina Swindell

Barb and Lily

Lily, the Siamese cat was adopted on May 26th. The poor little animal was sick when we adopted her. We took her to the vet and they gave her a shot so she wouldn't get infection. After we took her home, she sat on my granddaughters lap all day everyday for a solid week. After she got better and was spayed, she took to the place like she had lived there all her life. She gets along with our two dogs, Buck and Rosie quite well. Were still trying to get her used to the idea that she's supposed to be nice to the other cat. She fetches her toys when you throw them, so you can throw them again. In the morning she hops on your lap and gives herself a COMPLETE bath then goes to sleep. Unfortunately, she wakes me up at 5 in the morning. But we are immensely happy we took her in.

Sam and Jennifer

Jennifer was asked by a friend who knew she loved golden retrievers, to go to the shelter where Sam was up for adoption. One look and she was in love with him. Sam is a 9-month old golden retriever. He was released as a puppy to the shelter, adopted, but then brought back to the shelter because he just didn't work out with his adopters. But now he is with Jennifer and two other retrievers who work in the field of pet therapy. Sam is going to be trained to be a therapy dog so he can visit people in the nursing homes. He's eager to share his love for people and will make a great therapy dog by the time he's two years old.

Bennie and Sondra

Bennie was a stray who stayed at the shelter waiting for someone to take him home. When Sondra took him, Bennie had horrible hair and had to go to the groomer and be shaved. Who would have thought such a cute little dog was under all that hair. Now he lives in a home with three shelties and has the run of a big house and yard. He is not a sheltie. But don't tell him. He's happy and healthy. We think he might be a daschund/yorkie mix. He's probably 2-3 years old.

Penny and Jennifer

Penny (an Australian Shepherd) was taken to Noah's Ark after the other dogs living in her home were treating her badly. One of the shelter workers at Noah's Ark told Jennifer about Penny. They really needed to find her a good home. It was of no fault of hers that she was there, she was not a bad dog, she was scared and a very sweet dog. Jennifer tried talking several people into adopting Penny but had no takers. Jennifer decided that her yard at home was large enough for two dogs and her black lab Duke would like a new playmate. Duke the black lab is 8 years old and Penny who is about 2 keeps him young and active. Penny is such a sweet dog. She stays on patrol keeping the yard free of all rabbits and birds.

Sam and Marsha

Marsha had been looking for a while at Noah's Ark for the right dog to add to her pack. The dog needed to be a good watch dog since all of her current dogs were old and deaf. The dog also needed to be good with her grandkids. The workers at Noah's Ark had told her that the black dogs were harder to find homes for. She was now determined to adopt one of the black dogs. All of the dogs she looked at were great dogs and she would have taken them all if she could but there was something about Sam that stood out. Sam is a great addition and a wonderful watch dog. He keeps his older yardmate Katie young and active.

Ric-O"Shea, Partner and Sherry

Sherry made the mistake of telling Jennifer that she wouldn't mind having a Siamese kitten. So every time Noah's Ark got a Siamese kitten, Jennifer would go to Sherry's office and show her the Noah's Ark website and show her the cute Siamese cats that needed homes. It took several attempts but finally Sherry saw one that she could not resist. Ric-O"Shea (formerly Sweetpea) is a wonderful addition to Sherry's house and keeps the dog in check. A while after Sherry adopted her cat she felt her dog needed a companion so Jennifer was on the look out for a dog for Sherry. Of course it was not long until a cute little Yorkie/Mix came along and was adopted by Sherry. Now the adopted dog (Partner) and the adopted cat (Ric-O'Shea) are the best of friends. They like Sherry's original dog (Sadie) too but they are great friends.

Mexican Hairless

I was lost from my family but they found me and I am back at home.

Old Lady Pug

I was taken by Pug Rescue to live out the rest of my life.


I was taken to GRRNM (Golden Retriever Rescue of New Mexico) in Albuquerque. Once there I was taken to the vet for a check up. Thanks all who helped me and my puppies. Update: I had my black Lab puppies. I am in a wonderful foster home in Albuquerque and getting to enjoy raising my puppies. I will eventually be spayed and carefully adopted out through GRRNM to a wonderful home.

Mylee and Diana

Mylee was adopted on August 4, 2008. She is great and gets along well with the other Boxer in the family Brandi. She was a little skinny when we got her but is already putting on weight and her injuries are healing. We were worried at first that the two dogs would not get along but Brandi is like a mom to her, and we are glad to have Mylee as a part of our family.

Momma Cat and Jennifer

Jennifer went to the pound to take pictures for the website. She was told not to take a picture of a certain cat because she was pregnant and was going to be put down before she had the kittens. Jennifer was looking for a barn cat and decided she could not let that happen. She took her home and several weeks later had five kittens. Momma Cat is very patient with her three year old daughter who likes to carry her around. The kids are really enjoying having baby kittens to play with. They are very funny to watch play with each other. Momma Cat is the very best cat they have ever had (she must be if the husband even likes her). She hears the garage door open in the morning and at night and runs to the house to escort the food to her and the kittens. The little girl now brings Momma Cat into her room to play with sometimes. The cat cuddles up in the stuffed animals on her bed and keeps her company.